Hands On Training program, Teacher Trainee

I highly recommend the HOT program to anyone who is new to the profession of working with children with special needs. Though there are a lot of programs out there educating us on various disabilities, the HOT program empowers you with what that actually looks like. In 2011, I was given the challenging task of starting a special needs department in a 136 year old school and I must admit that it was overwhelming to begin with but the HOT program had empowered me with enough knowledge and confidence to develop a sustainable resource centre and develop a team. I was able to conduct school-wide meetings with heads of my school, train teachers in working with children with exceptionalities and support parents. In 2014 and 2015, a survey by Cfore for the illustrious publication ‘Education World’ ranked our department for special needs, number one in the category of day-cum-boarding schools. There isn’t much space to mention the support and knowledge that one gains from working with an inspiring person like Dr. Geet Oberoi. Even after I had finished my program and had moved back to my city, she was always available to lend that extra support out of sticky situations. Today, I am pursuing a Masters in Special Education at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada and working with the Vancouver School Board supporting children with special needs and till date the HOT program experience  remains an integral part in my profession and resume.

Nidhi Bhan