Sponsor towards a Mobile Resource Van

Over the past years we have been providing children from the underprivileged community with free special education, counselling, tutoring, and mentoring. Many of these Children have a background of learning difficulties which could be a manifestation of factors such as broken or abusive homes or first generation learners or learning disabilities and other developmental delays.

This service has been made possible only through the generous funding we have received from members of our community like you. This year though we are specifically seeking donations to funding our program – Orkids on Wheels is a unique program where a van with special educator and all academic resources travels from school to school providing special education inputs to children with disabilities in underprivileged schools. Orkids currently is catering to 7 schools with two vans and as this effort is bearing fruit, Orkids’ key focus is to now expand this program to cater to more children across Delhi.

If you wish to support our endeavour – either individually or through CSR, kindly write to us. Any support will be highly appreciated by us and the kids that we provide a service to. If you have any queries please feel free to contact us through the form below.