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What is a remedial class?
Remedial sessions are usually 1:1 sessions (or at times taken in small groups of 2-3 children) focussing on working towards bridging the gap between expected and actual performance. The deficits skills of the child are worked upon preferably by leveraging the strengths of the child.

Where is it held?
Remedial sessions are ideally taken by a trained special educator / remedial educator. These can be in a school set up or a clinic set up. At times educators also do home visits.

What is taught in the class?
The deficit skills or weaknesses of the child which are identified via proper assessment, are worked upon during remedial sessions. Remedial intervention is not tuition. For instance, if a child has a spelling difficulty then in his/her remedial class the child is put on a multi sensory, language structured program to learn decoding and encoding.

Who all can attend the class?
Children who are facing learning difficulties in the classroom benefit from such classes. However as the strategies are very child friendly, these can be used in a classroom with the whole class.

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